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What are Copper Rings?

Copper Circles: These copper circles are produced using superior quality copper from high phosphorous copper and per the standard of manufactured goods. These circles are offered to clients in diverse sizes and related standards and specifications per the demand. Copper Circles are general in various industries and are utilized for numerous purposes.

They are frequently seen in the manufacturing industry as a resource for wiring and can also be originated in plumbing systems. Copper circles are also a significant element of any electric circuit. Copper Ring is also called spring copper or copper-beryllium, or beryllium. Also, Bronze is a copper-based alloy with a little blending of beryllium and other alloying materials. The copper ring has greater tensile strength with non-sparkling and non-magnetic properties. It has better-quality machining and forming features.

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Characteristics of Copper Circles:

Our produced Copper Circles possess many magnificent qualities, as given below:

  • Very powerful
  • Perfect design
  • Resistant to rust
  • Exclusive finishing
  • Customize size
  • Machinability
  • Resistant to non-oxidizing elements

Advantages of Copper Circle and Rings:

A few advantages of using copper rings and circles are given below:

  • Produced from the unadulterated form of E C Grade Copper
  • The flat and finished surface
  • Zero fault ratio

Kalp Industries is considered a reliable manufacturer and supplier, and we are offering Copper Circle and Rings. Under the guidance of experienced professionals, the provided rings and circles are produced using premium-grade raw materials sourced from reliable industry vendors. Our robust distribution network has dispatched our range in a committed period.

Specification For Copper Circle & Rings

Specifications ASTM B171/ ASME SB171
Rings Diameter 3″ OD up to 48″ OD Up to 900 lbs max
Circle Diameter 3″ DIA up to 38″ DIA 1500 lbs max
Cutting Plazma & Machined Cut
Form Cold Rolled Circle, Small Flat Circle, Industrial Circle, Perforated Circle, Forged Steel Circles, Hot Rolled Circle, Fey Laminar Rings, Proof Machined Rings, Cold Rolled Rings, Hot Rolled Rings, McInnes Rolled Rings, Die-Formed Rings, Forging Rings, CNC Machined Rings.
Copper Circle & Rings


Various Types of Copper Circle & Rings

Cupro Nickel Forging Circles

Copper Forging Circles

  • Copper Alloy C10100 Forging Circles
  • C10200 Copper Alloy Forging Circles
  • Cu Forging Circles
  • Cu Forged Circle
  • Cu Alloy C10800 Forging Circles
  • UNS C12000 Forging Circles
  • Copper Alloy Forging Circles
  • ASTM B171 Copper Forging Circles
Cupro Nickel Cold Rolled Circle

Copper Cold Rolled Circle

  • Copper C10200 Cold Rolled Circles
  • UNS C10800 Cold Rolled Circles
  • Copper Alloy Cold Rolled Circles
  • ASTM B171 Copper Cold Rolled Circles
  • Cu Alloy Cold Rolled Circles
Cupro Nickel Hot Rolled Circle

Copper Hot Rolled Circle

  • Copper Alloy Hot Rolled Circles
  • UNS C12000 Hot Rolled Circles
  • Cu Alloy C10300 Hot Rolled Circles
  • ASTM B171 Copper Hot Rolled Circles
  • Copper C10800 Hot Rolled Circles
  • Copper Alloy C10100 Hot Rolled Circles
Cupro Nickel Forging Ring

Copper Forging Rings

  • Cu Alloy Forging Rings
  • ASTM B171 Copper Forging Rings
  • Cu Alloy Copper Forging Rings
  • C12200 Copper Alloy Forging Rings
  • UNS C10300 Forging Rings
  • Copper C10200 Forging Rings
Cupro Nickel Fey Laminar Rings

Copper Fey Laminar Rings

  • Copper Alloy C10300 Fey Laminar Rings
  • UNS C10800 Fey Laminar Rings
  • Copper Fey Laminar Rings
  • Copper Alloy Fey Laminar Rings
  • ASTM B171 Copper Fey Laminar Rings
  • Copper C12200 Fey Laminar Rings
  • Cu Alloy C10200 Fey Laminar Rings
Cupro Nickel Die-Formed Rings

Copper Die-Formed Rings

  • UNS C10200 Die Formed Rings
  • Copper C10100 Die-Formed Ring
  • Copper Die Formed Rings
  • Copper Alloy Die Formed Rings
  • ASTM B171 Copper Die-Formed Rings
  • Copper C10300 Die-Formed Rings
  • Cu Alloy Die-Formed Rings
  • Copper Alloy Die-Formed Rings

Ready Stock Of Copper Circle & Rings

  • Copper Alloy Rolled Ring
  • Copper Circle
  • C10300 Copper Circle Dimensions
  • Copper UNS C10200 Circle
  • Cu Flat O Ring Gasket
  • Copper Alloy Machined Cut Circle
  • Copper Plazma Cut Circle
  • Cu Alloy Rings
  • Copper Small Flat Circles
  • Copper Die-Formed Ring
  • Cu Alloy C10800 Perforated Circle
  • Type C10100 Copper Industrial Rings
  • Copper Alloy Circles
  • UNS N06Copper Big Size Circle
  • Cu CNC Machined Rings
  • Copper Rings Dimensions
  • Cu McInnes Rolled Rings
  • Cu Round Plates
  • Copper CNC Machined Rings
  • Copper C12000 Flat Ring Gasket
  • Copper Round Disc
  • Copper Alloy Cold Drawn Circle
  • Copper Large Diameter Circle
  • Copper Alloy C10800 Hot Rolled Rings
  • C10100 Copper Alloy Circle

Thickness Chart Of Copper Circle

Size 18 G. 19 G. 20 G. 22 G. 24 G. 26 G.
.4.5 .0-107 0-085 0-080 0-062 0.049 0-040
5 0-120 0-095 0-090 0-070 0-055 0-045
5.5 0-146 0-119 0-109 0-085 0-066 0-054
6 0-172 0-136 0-130 0-100 0-079 0-064
6.5 0-200 0-153 0-150 0-128 0-093 0-074
7 0-235 0-190 0-176 0-136 0-107 0-088
7.5 0.270 0.212 0.201 0-157 0-123 0-100
8 0-307 0-240 0-230 0-180 0-140 0-115
8.5 0-347 0-270 0-262 0-202 0-156 0-130
9 0-388 0-330 0-301 0-230 0-178 0-145
9.5 0-472 0-342 0-324 0-252 0-198 0-162
10 0-480 0-380 0-360 0-280 0-220 0-180
11 0-580 0-450 0-435 0-338 0-266 0-218
12 0-690 0-540 0-518 0-403 0-318 0-253
13 0-811 0-640 0-508 0-608 0-371 0-304
14 0-940 0-750 0-708 0-558 0-430 0-352
15 1-080 0-860 0-808 0-650 0-495 0-405
16 1-228 0-960 0-921 0-736 0-563 0-460
17 1-382 1-080 0-940 0-809 0-635 0-560
18 1-595 1-200 1-116 0-907 0-712 0-683
19 1-732 1-350 1-300 1-010 0-794 0-750
20 1-920 1-400 1-340 1-120 0-880 0-785

We Serve Application Industry

Fastener applications are as diverse as the industries they serve driven primarily by the aerospace, railway, construction and automotive industries with petrochemical, nuclear, medical, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Nuclear, Thermal Power plants, Paper and Pulp, marine and mining, etc.

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