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Copper is a highly versatile metal that has been in use for thousands of years. It is prized for its excellent electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and malleability. Copper is widely used in a variety of industries, including construction, electronics, and telecommunications.

The price of copper per kilogram has been steadily increasing in recent years. In fact, copper prices have seen a significant surge in 2021, with prices reaching record levels. This increase can be attributed to several factors, including rising global demand, supply chain disruptions, and the transition to cleaner energy sources. As of 2024, the price of copper per kilogram ranges from ₹ 400/ Kg to ₹ 1800/ Kg.

One major factor driving the demand for copper is the global push towards renewable energy. Copper is a critical component in many renewable energy technologies such as wind turbines, solar panels, and electric vehicles. With countries around the world pledging to reduce their carbon emissions, the demand for copper is expected to continue to rise in the years to come.

In addition to its use in renewable energy, copper is also used extensively in construction and infrastructure projects. From electrical wiring to plumbing and roofing, copper is an essential material in modern construction. This has led to an increase in demand for copper in emerging economies with fast-growing construction sectors.

Despite its many uses, however, the supply of copper is limited. Most of the world’s copper comes from a handful of countries, including Chile, Peru, and China. Any disruptions to the supply chain can have a major impact on prices. This was evident during the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused a temporary dip in copper prices due to supply chain disruptions and reduced demand.

Copper Alloy Price List in INR & USD

Alloy TypePrice per kg (INR)Price per kg (USD)
Pure Copper800 – 8209.65 – 10.14
Copper Scrap640 – 6607.72 – 7.95
Brass (Cu-Zn Alloy)480 – 5005.79 – 6.03
Bronze (Cu-Sn Alloy)720 – 7408.69 – 8.93
Cu-Ni Alloy850 – 87010.27 – 10.51

Copper Fittings, Tubing and Fasteners Price List in INR & USD

Item Price (INR/kg) Price (USD/kg)
Ferrule Fittings 550 6.7
Fasteners 600 7.3
Circle & Rings 720 8.8
Tubing 800 9.8
Instrumentation Valves 950 11.6
Pipe Fittings 870 10.6
Flanges 920 11.2


  • Price is negotiable on bulk orders.
  • Above is the approximate price for Indian Origin.
  • Price is different for Japanese & European Origin.
  • No Chinese material (China)
  • Price is subject to change without any prior notice.

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