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Duplex steel is a high-strength and corrosion-resistant alloy that has become increasingly popular in various industries due to its unique properties. It is a combination of austenitic and ferritic stainless steel, which provides it with exceptional toughness, ductility, and resistance to stress corrosion cracking.

When it comes to the price per kg of duplex steel, it is important to note that it can vary depending on several factors, such as the grade of the alloy, the quantity purchased, and the location. Generally, the price per kg of duplex steel is higher than that of conventional stainless steel due to its superior quality and performance.

The range of duplex steel price per kg can vary between Rs 500/- to Rs 800/-, depending on the above-mentioned factors. It is often used in applications that require high strength, such as offshore oil and gas exploration, chemical processing, and marine engineering. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, it is also commonly used in the construction of bridges, cooling towers, and other structures in harsh environments.

In terms of grades, duplex steel is available in several types, such as duplex 2205, duplex 2304, and duplex 2507. Each grade has its unique properties and characteristics, which can affect the price per kg. Moreover, the quantity purchased can also play a role in determining the price, as buying in bulk can lower the cost per unit.

Duplex Steel Price List in INR & USD

Grade USD (per kg) INR (per kg)
Duplex 2205 $6.50 – $9.50 ₹480 – ₹700
Duplex 2304 $5.50 – $8.00 ₹400 – ₹590
Duplex 2507 $9.00 – $12.00 ₹660 – ₹880
Super Duplex $9.50 – $13.00 ₹700 – ₹960
Lean Duplex $5.00 – $7.50 ₹370 – ₹550


  • Price is negotiable on bulk orders.
  • Above is the approximate price for Indian Origin.
  • Price is different for Japanese & European Origin.
  • No Chinese material (China)
  • Price is subject to change without any prior notice.

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