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Magnetic steel is a type of steel that contains iron, which is a naturally magnetic element. The magnetic properties of magnetic steel make it useful in various industrial applications. Magnetic steel is often used to manufacture motors, generators, transformers, and inductors requiring magnetic fields.

Magnetic steel is made by adding specific amounts of nickel, cobalt, or other metals to regular steel. These alloys help to enhance magnetic properties, making it more effective for use in applications where magnetic fields are required. The amount and type of alloy used can impact the steel’s magnetic properties, making it either soft or hard magnetic.

Soft magnetic steel is used in applications where magnetic fields need to change rapidly, such as in transformers and inductors. On the other hand, hard magnetic steel is used in applications where a strong magnetic field needs to be maintained, such as in motors and generators.

At Kalp Industries, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality magnetic steel products that cater to various industries worldwide. Our magnetic steel products include ferrule fittings, fasteners, tubing, circle & rings, and instrumentation valves. We use premium-grade materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure superior performance and long-lasting durability. Our products are designed to meet specific industry needs and provide a magnetic feature for quick and easy installation and maintenance.

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