Super Duplex Products

About Super Duplex Steel

Super duplex products are composed of a combination of austenitic and ferritic stainless steels, giving them unique properties. They typically contain high levels of chromium, molybdenum, and nitrogen, which provide superior corrosion resistance compared to other types of stainless steel.

Super duplex products are used in various applications, including pipelines, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and structural components. They are also used to construct bridges, tunnels, and buildings that require high strength and durability.

Super duplex products come in various forms, such as tubes, fasteners, and pipe fittings. They can be easily welded and fabricated, making them suitable for complex engineering projects. These products are a reliable and cost-effective choice for applications that require high mechanical strength and resistance to corrosion in harsh environments. Some of the most beneficial super duplex products are listed below. Check out for more information about various available products.

Screwed Flange

Super Duplex Steel Flanges

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