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Introduction Brass Circle & Rings

Brass Circle and Rings are small circular devices originally designed as dispensers for carousels in the United States during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They were developed to excite the ride, especially for those seated in the outer row of horses who faced additional challenges. These rings were typically made of iron, with one or two being made of brass. If a rider was lucky enough to grab a brass ring, they could exchange it for a free ride. Today, these historic brass rings are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

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Brass rings possess a unique blend of desirable properties, including strength, corrosion resistance, and formability, making them an indispensable material for a wide range of applications. Additionally, brass has the added advantage of being highly recyclable, which ensures a continuous supply for years to come. By opting for brass over other materials, individuals and businesses can help reduce waste in landfills and promote sustainability. Explore the many benefits of Brass Fasteners and discover why they are a smart choice for your next project.

• Reinforcing or making a more robust circular craft
• Adding decorative trims and items that can be wrapped around them
• Creating Ring toss games
• Using as Painting guides for polka dots
• Curtain rings or tie-backs
• Creating Centerpiece bases covered with ribbon and fabric
• Making jewelry such as bracelets, rings, and necklaces.

At Kalp Industries, we strive to meet the needs of our customers efficiently, handling market demands and constraints with dedication and determination. Our goal is to satisfy customer needs, adapt to the new normal, and succeed. We offer a wide range of metals and materials to every industry globally, making metal trading with us straightforward and hassle-free. Also check out our high quality Brass Ferrule Fittings useful in many applications.

Specification For Brass Circle & Rings

Specifications ASTM B36/ ASME SB36
Rings Diameter 3″ OD up to 48″ OD Up to 900 lbs max
Circle Diameter 3″ DIA up to 38″ DIA 1500 lbs max
Cutting Plazma & Machined Cut
Form Cold Rolled Circle, Small Flat Circle, Industrial Circle, Perforated Circle, Forged Steel Circles, Hot Rolled Circle, Fey Laminar Rings, Proof Machined Rings, Cold Rolled Rings, Hot Rolled Rings, McInnes Rolled Rings, Die-Formed Rings, Forging Rings, CNC Machined Rings.
Brass Circle & Rings


Various Types of Brass Circle & Rings

Brass Forging Circles

Brass Forging Circles

  • Brass Alloy C27200 Forging Circles
  • C27400 Brass Alloy Forging Circles
  • Brass Alloy C22600 Forging Circles
  • ASTM B36 Brass Forging Circles
  • UNS C23000 Forging Circles
  • Brass Forged Circle
  • Brass Alloy Forging Circles
  • Brass Forging Circles
Brass Cold Rolled Circle

Brass Cold Rolled Circle

  • UNS C26130 Cold Rolled Circles
  • Brass C26000 Cold Rolled Circles
  • Brass Alloy Cold Rolled Circles
  • ASTM B36 Brass Cold Rolled Circles
  • Brass Alloy C27000 Cold Rolled Circles
Brass Hot Rolled Circle

Brass Hot Rolled Circle

  • Brass C21000 Hot Rolled Circles
  • ASTM B36 Brass Hot Rolled Circles
  • UNS C27400 Hot Rolled Circles
  • Brass Alloy Hot Rolled Circles
  • Brass Alloy C22600 Hot Rolled Circles
  • Brass Alloy C28000 Hot Rolled Circles
Brass Forging Rings

Brass Forging Rings

  • UNS C27000 Forging Rings
  • Brass C27400 Forging Rings
  • C26800 Brass Alloy Forging Rings
  • ASTM B36 Brass Forging Rings
  • Brass Alloy Brass Forging Rings
Brass Fey Laminar Rings

Brass Fey Laminar Rings

  • Brass Alloy C24000 Fey Laminar Rings
  • ASTM B36 Brass Fey Laminar Rings
  • Brass C23000 Fey Laminar Rings
  • UNS C21000 Fey Laminar Rings
  • Brass Alloy C26130 Fey Laminar Rings
Brass Die-Formed Rings

Brass Die-Formed Rings

  • Brass C27000 Die-Formed Ring
  • UNS C26800 Die Formed Rings
  • Brass Die Formed Rings
  • ASTM B36 Brass Die-Formed Rings
  • Brass C28000 Die-Formed Rings
  • Brass Alloy Die-Formed Rings
  • Brass Alloy Die Formed Rings

Ready Stock Of Brass Circle & Rings

  • Brass Alloy Machined Cut Circle
  • Type C27000 Brass Industrial Rings
  • Brass Alloy C26800 Perforated Circle
  • Brass UNS C26000 Circle
  • Brass Flat O Ring Gasket
  • C24000 Brass Circle Dimensions
  • Brass Small Flat Circles
  • Brass Circle
  • Brass Alloy Rolled Ring
  • Brass Round Disc
  • Brass Die-Formed Ring
  • Brass C22600 Flat Ring Gasket
  • Brass Round Plates
  • C24000 Brass Alloy Circle
  • Brass CNC Machined Rings
  • Brass Large Diameter Circle
  • UNS C21000 Big Size Circle
  • Brass Rings Dimensions
  • Brass Alloy C23000 Hot Rolled Rings
  • Brass McInnes Rolled Rings
  • Brass Alloy Cold Drawn Circle

Thickness Chart Of Brass Circle

Size 18 G. 19 G. 20 G. 22 G. 24 G. 26 G.
.4.5 .0-107 0-085 0-080 0-062 0.049 0-040
5 0-120 0-095 0-090 0-070 0-055 0-045
5.5 0-146 0-119 0-109 0-085 0-066 0-054
6 0-172 0-136 0-130 0-100 0-079 0-064
6.5 0-200 0-153 0-150 0-128 0-093 0-074
7 0-235 0-190 0-176 0-136 0-107 0-088
7.5 0.270 0.212 0.201 0-157 0-123 0-100
8 0-307 0-240 0-230 0-180 0-140 0-115
8.5 0-347 0-270 0-262 0-202 0-156 0-130
9 0-388 0-330 0-301 0-230 0-178 0-145
9.5 0-472 0-342 0-324 0-252 0-198 0-162
10 0-480 0-380 0-360 0-280 0-220 0-180
11 0-580 0-450 0-435 0-338 0-266 0-218
12 0-690 0-540 0-518 0-403 0-318 0-253
13 0-811 0-640 0-508 0-608 0-371 0-304
14 0-940 0-750 0-708 0-558 0-430 0-352
15 1-080 0-860 0-808 0-650 0-495 0-405
16 1-228 0-960 0-921 0-736 0-563 0-460
17 1-382 1-080 0-940 0-809 0-635 0-560
18 1-595 1-200 1-116 0-907 0-712 0-683
19 1-732 1-350 1-300 1-010 0-794 0-750
20 1-920 1-400 1-340 1-120 0-880 0-785

We Serve Application Industry

Fastener applications are as diverse as the industries they serve driven primarily by the aerospace, railway, construction and automotive industries with petrochemical, nuclear, medical, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Nuclear, Thermal Power plants, Paper and Pulp, marine and mining, etc.

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